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Welcome to Funknet!

Funknet is Friskis&Svettis internal website for volunteers. As an active volunteer you have access to Funknet. You will get the login credentials needed to log in to Funknet from your local Friskis&Svettis association.

Please note that the login credentials needed for this site, new Funknet, are not the same you used on old Funknet/Funkforum.

Trouble signing in?

If you remember your username but have forgotten your password you can reset the password. First you have to answer the security question that you gave when you signed in the first time. If you answer the question correctly you will get an e-mail to the address in your profile. Use the link in the message to get a new password.

If you don't get any email you either have an old e-mail address registered or the email gets stuck in the spam filter. Check your spam folder.

Still having problem?

If you can't remember your username, cannot remember the answer to your security question, have the wrong e-mail address registered or simply doesn't get any e-mail, talk to the one in charge of booking courses in your association. That person can set a new password for you and/or look up your username.

Remember to update your account information when you have signed in so that you don't have the same problem in the future.